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Report Writing

A more highly structured form of writing than an essay, and is developed so that it can be read fast and accurately.

Functional Reports

Functional reports classification includes accounting reports, marketing reports, financial reports, and a mixture of other reports that take their designation from the ultimate use of the report. Nearly all reports could be comprised in most of these categories. And a single report could be included in several classifications. Although authorities have not agreed on a universal report classification, these report categories are in common use and provide terminology for the study (and use) of reports. Based on format reports are also classified.

Reports those are created carefully pressure objectivity and organization, contain much detail, and are written in a style that tends to eradicate such elements as personal pronouns. Usually, informal reports are short messages with natural, casual use of language. An example of an internal memorandum can generally be described as an informal report.

Proposal Report

A variation of problem-solving reports is called a proposal report. A proposal is a document generate to describe how one organization can fulfill the needs of another. Most governmental agencies advertise their needs by issuing “requests for proposals” or RFPs. The RFP specifies a need and potential suppliers prepare proposal reports.

Vertical or Lateral Report

Reports that move upward or downwards are referred to as vertical report this classification refers to the direction of a report. such reports contribute to management control. Lateral reports, on the other hand, assist in coordination in the organization. Report that travels between units of the same organization level (production and finance departments) is lateral.

Annual reports, monthly financial reports & reports on personal desertion are known as informational reports. carrying out objective information from one region of an organization to another. Analytical reports refer to scientific research, feasibility reports, and real-estate appraisals attempt to solve problems.

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