This period of extraordinarily advanced technology has changed the whole perspective of the world market and is arriving very often. One such is the emergence of Mobile App Development, which completely changed the way users operated software. Though software development generally meant a stand-alone or Web application in the past, now it has huge space given to Mobile App Development.

Brief Introduction

Technologies like standalone demanded the user to have a Personal Computer at least, with them to use their applications. However, since the platform on which an app can be deployed is just a mobile phone, the target audience for this type of application development comes to be manifold. Since Nearly everyone has access to a mobile device, App development that targets handheld devices has now become a standard by which services reach the target audience quicker. This industry has only risen in leaps and bounds ever since its beginning.

A detailed analysis of the Mobile App Development Industry is done by various secondary data sources such as websites and blogs.  Some Scholarly research articles are also referred to understand the challenges in the industry. Findings/Result: Based on the SWOC Analysis of the Mobile App Development Industry, we can say that this industry is proceeding to be one of the most sought-after industries.


A combination of software has been changing the way we look at things from the dawn of its era, In the Industry of Information Technology. Every second process we have been doing manually is now done and monitored by systems. Software Development is an industry that comes under this parent and is a public term used in developing and deploying software that is in the category of websites and standalone applications.  Typically, while creating these applications, the minimum hardware requirements given were a personal computer with adequate specifications. People who could afford and own a computer were only able to use or utilize it.

Till a particular time, people accessed websites only through Cyber Cafes. Now even though many have access to laptops and PCs, the count remained significantly low compared to the population. As of the third quarter of 2019, there were 2.47 million apps on Android’s app store and 1.8 million on Apple’s app store.

According to Statista, global mobile data traffic is projected to rise seven times between 2017 and 2022. Additionally, people are using the Internet through their smartphones and preferred mobile applications to mobile websites. The reason is, mobile applications are readily available, easier to use, and completely customizable to respective purposes.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

If you are a business looking to develop a mobile app to engage with your audience, mobile app developer building an app for a customer, or amateur dabbling with mobile app expansion out of curiosity, here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the mobile application development procedure.

Businesses of all lengths, from single-person companies to a partnership, can help by developing apps that focus on different derivatives and assistance. No matter you are in the retail business or banking and finance or the education industry, all you require is to create a mobile application that is an idea to get you started. Brainstorming with your team or mentors for multiple app ideas is a must. Each app idea must be studied for feasibility, viability, and suitability in the target market.

Consumers Privacy Policy

“Mobile applications” software programs for mobile device operating systems (such as Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, or Windows Phone OS) can compile, use, and transmit users’ personal information from a mobile device. As a mobile app developer, you are responsible for privacy at all stages of your app’s life cycle.

Mobile apps are at the forefront of current consumer privacy concerns. High-profile media engagement and a series of class action cases have prompted scrutiny of app developer data practices from federal and state controllers.

As a result, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)is actively enforcing consumer privacy rights against application developers that secretly access or misuse user data. Although other entertainers in the mobile ecosystem may also have access to personal information that included OS developers, device manufacturers, app store platforms, service providers, and advertisers.

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